Sonny Sandjaya


Sonny Sandjaya is a photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia who specializes in architecture and built environment.  He has been photographing architecture and design related images for over 15 years.

Sonny holds a bachelor degree in photography from RMIT, Australia.  After graduating, he joined a commercial photography in Singapore and work extensively for advertising and corporate photography.  His passion to photograph modern architecture helped many Indonesian architects and designers get published globally and reach award-winning status.  His images have been published in Architectural Digest, GA, Houses Australia, D+A, Thames & Hudson, DOM, Home Decor, Images Publishing, DOM, etc.

Apart from architecture commissions, He has collaborated on long-term project  with publisher making architects’ monograph and other architectural books.  In between these projects he also shot a lot of hospitality buildings in Bali and other Indonesian tourist destinations.

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